Turbocoupe75 TD project number 3

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Turbocoupe75 TD project number 3

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Hi, back again with another coupe.. trying to be a bit more pragmatic and logical with my build.
Another bare strip down, rust repair and paint job. This time it’s aimed as a family sunday driver with a pokey 2.6turbo., if I can get that through engineering. If that’s going to prove difficult I’ll to the D1 block and the biggest turbo I can find hanging off the side..

I bought this 3+ years ago from Mt Gambier and then sold my coupe race car (tx full cage for circuit racing)
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Re: Turbocoupe75 TD project number 3

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That poor race car of yours did a tour of the country, ended up here and I think it's a rust cut project in Sydney now :(

Excited to see where this goes!

If you need go fast bits and stuff message me I can hook you up :)
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