New Canberra Gemini Forum

This forum is here for ACT members to organise meets and/or Cruises in their area..
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New Canberra Gemini Forum

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Hey all,

The new forum is up and running.
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Re: New Canberra Gemini Forum

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Hey all.

It’s this Saturday 8:30am!!

Here’s the order and have a read of the points below. Please make sure you’ve read it before Saturday.

Order is:
1. Marco - 86
2. Rowdy - MX5

3. Norminator - 86
4. Jaffa - TA22 Celica

5. Caylum - VE Commodore
6. Rob S - MX5

7. Jim Stephenson - Fridge
8. dsm2002 - BMW

9. Joel Aken - HR31
10. Nathan G - MX5

11. Michael Wills - TD Gemini
12. Adam Kendrick - TF Gemini

13. Nick Sek - TD Gemini Sedan
14. Rodney Dove - TC Coupe

15. Amy - TE Sedan
16. Me - TX Coupe

17. Sean Littlejohn - R31 Sedan
18. Kye McGee - Lexus IS350

19. Brendan Uhle -
20. Jacob Cooper - XR6T Ute

21. Hayden Cole - Sigma
22. Tim W - Gemini

Now the next point 5th Gear hit me up about, I guess to relay the message across to everyone.
Dan called me over the phone and mentioned this wasn’t aimed at us. They recently had a group of people have a session at the skid pan. This ‘group’ unfortunately got skid PAN and skid PAD confused. 5th Gear essentially had a huge problem with that group. Doing static burnouts and carrying on. The unfortunate thing is they almost lost the rights to host skid pan days there. Fortunately for us they managed to convince TISC that it won’t happen again. I know our groups have never actually had a problem and they keep letting us come back for obvious reasons.
(Mainly cause I’m a big deal and c*#nts like me :P )

So with all that said they advised this. No unregistered cars at all. I checked and ACT un-reg permits and interstate club permits are permitted at this within reason. However Dan said don’t come with you track car with a straight pipe etc. They got to look somewhat roadworthy in the unlikely event that the Transport dudes take down number plates to check registration.
IF you’re on a permit (I know my coupe will be) make sure you’ve got ALL your documentation with you. I’m not worried but just want to cover all bases so no ones in the s*#t.

On the day – Few new things I’m putting into place.
1. Keeping in order – So with this in previous skidpan days we’ve been probably too relaxes with the order. Old mates gone to lunch oh well shuffle someone in in his absence. This weekend. IF YOU LEAVE and your go is coming up you WILL MISS OUT.
It screws up everyone’s routine and makes a massive mess. If you leave and it’s your turn your partner will go on their own in that respect if you’re both gone the next group will go onto the skid pan.
2. Leaving – Adam brought this up. If you leave PLEASE let me know. We will re-organise the order or whatever and we at least know you’re gone. Guessing who’s around and who’s not gets annoying. (no stress if it’s an emergency)
3. Lunch – Can do a Pizza or subway lunch sorta thing. If people are keen for subway they do platters but I need to know tomorrow who’d be in for that. Alternatively we can get Pizza which bring $10 and we can have a fest from somewhere.
4. Beers and such at my place after. It’s Tim’s 21st so probably on the drink most of the night.

Get keen!
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