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 Post subject: My (Dad's) Citroen C2 VTR
PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:16 pm 
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As some of you know, my father passed away late 2011 and left me his car, he was an avid modifier right up to the end tho his abilities tapered off towards the end due to his illness.

However as enthusiastic as he was, he wasn't very good with the upkeep and he kinda drove it well and truly into the ground, when I took possession of it it was in a pretty sorry state, the list of things wrong read as follows:
timing belt 70'000km overdue for replacement!
all 4 tires were worn to the belt on the inner edges
muffler was hanging by fencing wire and made a hell of a racket
rubberized coating on the buttons in the interior had melted off due to the north Queensland heat
there was a thick slightly oily film covering most of the interior
a patch of araldite glue on the back seat from him moving his modelling equipment
the reverse lights didn't work
climate control/aircon/heater totally non functional
wiper blades were worn to the point that the mounts were scratching the windshield
headlights severely yellowed
drivers side wind splitter missing and driving light smashed (found a lot of hair under the car in this area, hope it wasn't human)
and from the looks of it someone had thrown something slightly caustic at the drivers side of the car as there are small splashes of paint that seem to have just melted.
It was also covered in brown rust stains, not from the car, but from being housed under a leaky corrugated iron carport for an extended period of time.
also the token elderly driver rubs and dents you would normally expect from someone who's vision and attention span has dissipated in old age.

Also recently discovered that he swapped out the pads without milling the disks, so there's some nice big grooves worn into all 4 rotors.

It did however have a few (very few) good points:
lowered Eibach suspension and sport shock absorbers
mild cam and match porting
trumped milled throttle body
high flow car (exhaust was a 2" sports system, but alas the rear muffler was toast)

Heres how it looked a few days after I picked it up, doesn't look too bad in the photo's but at this point I had had the belt and muffler replaced and given the exterior a good clean.


over the last 1 2/3 years I fave had major issues with the car, the transmission is a Sensodrive, it's a regular 5 speed ma5 manual transmission with a unique selector fork assembly, the clutch and shift linkages are controlled by a pair of high speed electronic actuators and simulates a completely clutchless sequential transmission, this system however is the early version of this setup and as such had some issues that for the last 5 years had given the Citroen techs in Townsville nothing but problems, recently I replaced the transmission control unit with a more recent unit and upon inspection of the transmission internals the techs discovered the selector fork had worn loose and eventually snapped off the shaft completely, with these issues now sorted it's a totally different car to drive and I'm slowly regaining confidence in it's reliability.

The last few months has seen me replace many parts and put in a lot of work to bring the car back to what I consider an acceptable condition, tho there's still lots to go, but I'm chipping away at them.

yesterday I broke out the plasti-x polish and buffed the headlights back to a reasonable state, gave the car a thorough clean and a quick hand polish, today when I had a little spare time I fitted a shark fin antenna to replace the dinky rc car style factory unit, this actually required more soldering of tiny wires than I would have liked but alas it is done.

heres a couple of quick snaps, one before, then one after the antenna was fitted (a frustrating 2 hours later)

I just realized that I have no pics of the interior, I'll rectify this tomorrow after I give the car a proper polish and vacuum then I'll try and get some better pics of the car.

I have band new rotors waiting to go in, waiting to find reasonably priced pads, seems this is a bit of an ask as the cheapest I have found so far is $110 per side for the fronts

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