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Take a step at a time. Before you go chasing alternative turbos, get that one checked. If it isn't damaged from physical contact between the turbine blades and the housing then all it's going to need is a seal and bearing kit and a good clean up. That's worth while doing in my opinion, and who's to say the T3 (or whatever) is going to be suitable to begin with? You do realise a T3 is simply a basic designation for a specific turbo housing package. There are many different trim combinations that can be fitted and not all will suit your engine. Remember that factory turbo has ben matched to the engine and should do the job for you nicely. Unless you give it a try first you'll never know if you were happy with it.

Maybe focus of the engine management side of things. See if you can get a copy of the tune up data from the person who you bought the engine of and get a bit of a head start in that department. If you can find yourself an ECU of the exact same type it used to have then you should have it up and running with a minimum of effort.
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Re: Turbo Hyperthetical

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ey guys offf topic but I'm installing a ga16de into a tc coupe and need a rwd trans now the Serena fit upbeat was hoping with a custom bellohousing I van utilise all the sr and ca transmissions
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