Safety Alert Site?

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Safety Alert Site?

Post by tobytj »

There are a number of threads on this site that touch on some serious safety issues with Gemini's and their modification. Like the recent post about front lower control arm failures and severing of modified brake lines due to set up issues. This is information that could save other from serious injury or worse.

Is it worth collating this information on a safety alert site where members can post and add their own experiences of safety issues.

What brought this to my mind was an incident on Saturday. I was parts shoping at my friendly neighbourhood Elky Gemini supermarket and a young bloke was there buying parts and showing elky an oil leak problem on the engine of a TG he recently acquired. I noted that the brace that is on the front of every Gemini master cylinder was missing. Elky got him to put his foot on the brake and the front of the master just about pushed up level with the bonnet. Long story short, Elky had a brace (of course) so fitted it and all solid - although I suspect firewall has some fatigue cracks going by how loose the master was.

The owner of the TG did not even know that the brace was meant to be there, or that the indifferent pedal feel from the movement wasn't normal. The story could well have ended in disaster if the firewall connection had failed under emergency braking force. All for the want of sharing a bit of knowledge.
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Re: Safety Alert Site?

Post by Gene FJ20DEBT »

i reckon a new forum with these types of notes/thread would be a great idea.

ill chat to merv and see if adding one would be ok
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