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Re: OzGemini Top 10 Dyno Results Listing

Post by 79geminifast »

Nice setup man. Not taking anything away from the power output, however if I may ask, you sure on the 30psi? If that's correct, then you gained 40hp atw from 13 more psi of boost, or 3.3hp per psi. Something doesn't seem right there as once you start getting such returns, it's indicative of an exhaust backpressure restriction, inlet restriction or something else that's just askew.

I know you went from a gt35 to a gt30, so assuming you were chasing spool here. Maybe you downsized rear housing in the process, and now hit a restriction? In saying that, even a gt30 60mm wheel with a 0.63 would still be good for 30psi on a 2litre though.

Would be great to hear your input on this.


Sorry since the dyno its had the head and inlet manifold opened right up and cam done so im yet to get it tuned with those done.

The cam that was ordered was completely different to what was ordered (tighe 1354c) it was no where near the specs that it was dialed in for. Dialed in off their spec sheet but unfortunately they didnt grind it to their specs lol. Hence why i got surecam to regrind it. This is 2nd cam from tighe that has been completely wrong main reason it was not making the power and the inlet restriction but both fixed now. Was also having problems with crankcase pressure so have i have added a extra breather and baffled catch can. It should be a completely different car when its tuned again. Had a issue with eboost2 as well so that was an issue that just needed to recalibrate it.
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Re: OzGemini Top 10 Dyno Results Listing

Post by DR_GEM »

That would make sense then :)

Should be ripper setup once retuned good luck with it
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Re: OzGemini Top 10 Dyno Results Listing

Post by moley »

I will be interested to see how it goes as well
Power variation seems all over the map with g series builds!
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Re: OzGemini Top 10 Dyno Results Listing

Post by archangel62 »

Bit late but my 350rwhp in the 4ZE1 was on about 24psi. The exact boost varies a little during the run of course.
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Re: OzGemini Top 10 Dyno Results Listing

Post by doolow »

what about a n/a rotary tg with 250 rwhp :P
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Re: OzGemini Top 10 Dyno Results Listing

Post by Jonno »

doolow wrote:what about a n/a rotary tg with 250 rwhp :P
what;s it run bro. It can slide in there.
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