15's for $1500 competition

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15's for $1500 competition

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LOK15 has proposed a 15's for $1500 competition.

All the related threads can be found here http://www.ozgemini.com/forums/non-tech ... m.php?f=55

1: Vehicle must be a gemini , any model including front wheel drive is allowed , must be australian delivered ( no imports )
A:Engine must be a 1600cc single cam block and 1600cc crank. Bore size is optional as well as head ( but must remain as a single cam ). Cam open ,and carby open. Extractors can be used but you must retain a full length exhaust.

2: Car must remain able to be registerable, this means:
A: No metal is to be cut from body to reduce weight
B: Interior may be stripped out , but must retain all seatbelts and drivers seat , dash , and console over gearshift , carpet is optional.
C: If you car is already registered , then it must remain able to be driven to and from the race track ( you can pull interior apart there )

3: tyres are open, but must be street drivable and street legal i.e: no semi slicks or slicks.

4: Vehicle must be manual , either 4 or 5 speed

5: all glass must remain in car , no lexen windows.

6: Brakes must be fully servicable ( working to road worthy standard )

7: There will be no cost offsetting i.e: paid $1000 for car with twins , sold car for $900 meaning carbs cost $100. Fair market value will be used. Average price for twin carbs is $600.you also cannot build a $5000 motor , sell to your mate for $20 then buy it back for $20.Mates rates are not allowed on machining work or head porting. Again , fair market value will be applied.

8: It is the moderators option to include changes to these rules with short notice if a loophole is found.This is to be a fun competition, So if you cheat by saying something cost you less than you say , you are only cheating yourself.

9: Engine is to be Naturally aspirated , no NOS or E85 fuel is to be used. To keep it fair , you may only use pump unleaded style fuel available at a generic servo. Not everyone has access to race fuel which would be an unfair advantage.

10: Consumables like oil , gaskets , tyres and fuel are not counted towards your total, either is labour , unless you outsource work , ie head servicing, block boring , crank balancing etc , H/D valve springs are not counted as consumable.
A: A detailed list must be written by entrant including costings , to help keep track of $$ spent.

11: Diff must be standard open wheel ( no mini spools ) LSD is allowed , but must not be a conversion diff ( ie hilux or commodore ).

12: To be a contender you must run a 15.99 or quicker , and must remain under the $1500 budget.

13: Disqualification is solely up to me if you have been found to be cheating. You may resume in the challenge , but cannot be able to win the prize at the end. The prize will be given to the winner at the nationals ( if they are able to make it. Prize is at my discretion ( could be a $20,000 gift certificate or a dildo gear shift knob ).

14: Only OFFICIAL printouts from recognized Drag racing tracks will be allowed , video of your run is extremely welcome as further proof the timeslip belongs to you.

15: Cars with pre-existing big $$ engine mods are not eligible , IE you cannot throw on an electronic dizzy
Deadline for this will be the week before the gemini nationals 2013. This gives plenty of time to have runs and fix issues.