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ok im reading over this and i have one Q
crank angle sensor what are people using and if i get a dizzy built with one in it will it be enough to run the car

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I'm in the process of CASing the Gem dizzy. (I've scrapped unlocked dizzy versions hence too the sequential/wasted Gem dizzy using standard mechanical advance mechanisms).

It the moment it looks like drilling a hole in the Gem housing below the vacuum advance. Then fitting a grommeted sensor through this hole and mounting it to the vac advance's mounting screw.
Some minor circuity is required to turn this into a trigger signal (aka REF - selectable positive or negative edge trigger).

It could be done with existing points though originally I was intending to use an RB-converted Gem dizzy partly for its reluctor, but mainly because it enabled the sensor to clipped in place (no mods to the dizzy body).

More circuitry could provide SYNC pulses for ignitors (+ or - edge - ie, from points or reluctor).

But the intention is to add circuitry that uses the Jaycar Programmable Ignition chip (~$25?) to replace at least the speed advance that is lost upon locking (the flyweights must be removed for the extra sensor), and extra circuitry that will enable this single chip to provide a single, wasted, or sequential trigger. (Users supply their own ignitors.)
(Next - 4-in, 4-out CDI.)

I hope to drill a dizzy tonite.... But it may be weeks before a reasonale prototype is available.
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Just think it worth a mention as well... The Kalmaker is a modified Delco ECU that is a nice way to experiment.

There is also another way using a relatively inexpensive interface device which allows real time tuning on the fly and ability to program Memcal chips. I run a system of hardware by a US company called Moates. Craig Moates has been devising systems for all sort of cars over a number of years and I highly recommend his equipment for it's simplicity and price. His service is second to none.

The Moates system I use uses the same Delco 808 ECU as earlier mentioned. You can set out with a JE Camira wiring loom and ALL the EFI components used in that setup. It's important you use all the parts or the system will think it is faulting and go into limp mode if it runs at all. A standard JE Camira system will run a G180 or G200 without drama right "out of the box". The Moates system allows more scope in tuning to fine tune it even better for different applications.

The (stock OEM) Memcal you choose to use must be a 4 cylinder one if you are using it for a 4 cylinder application. Two smaller chips are actually resistor packs and they control basic functions. 4, 6 and 8 cylinder Memcals have different sets of resistor packs. All the OEM Memcals use a UV erasable EPROM chip to store the basic instructions to run the engine. When you reprogram these you use EEPROM chips or FLASH chips so they can be erased easily and over written.

The Moates interface device (called an APU1 Autoprom) has a built in FLASH chip so it can drive the car all on it's own with data programmed onto it's chip either by loading a BIN file or by data accumulated as you tune on the fly. It also has a socket to hold your programmable PROM chips so you can program your data onto the memory chip. You then fit the memory chip onto a small interface PCB that plugs into the Memcal slot in the ECU. The original Memcal piggybacks onto the PCB so you still access it's resistor packs but bypass it's EPROM and the data is read from your programmed chip.

The software you use to realtime program and read/write the EEPROM chips is a shareware program called [url=[/url]

Ok a few thing you should know. The Delco 808 is found in a range of cars, 4, 6 and 8 cylinder and the same ECU is interchangeable no matter what car it comes out of. They all look like this:

Look for two separate black plug sockets at the back.
Unless you can clearly see the 1227808 id mark on it, don't use the JD Camira ECU, it is different and has no O2 sensor capacity.

What does matter is the Memcal comes from the same car the rest of your components come from. I read earlier that someone was saying they had an Astra setup. You'll also want to grab the Astra Memcal to go with that.

One other thing to keep in mind too. The Gemini auto box is no different to a manual box as far as the ECU is concerned BUT, a JE Camira auto integrates with the ECU so an auto Memcal from a JE Camira is no good to you. It won't be able to complete expected transactions between the auto box and the ECU so it could cause issues. If you have an manual or an auto Gemini, get a manual JE Camira Memcal. Also while on the subject, some cars use a throttle body EFI system and others use MPI. The Memcal is specific to the type if injection system used. You won't get a component setup off a JE Camira to run correctly if you use the Memcal out of an LD Astra. Again, the LD Astra ran a 1.6 litre TBI engine and a 1.8 litre PFI engine so even in the same car model, it's important you have the right Memcal. If you have ability to burn chips I have access to 95% of the 4 cylinder Memcal programming data packs.

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